New characters in the Suits

A few days ago, on our Facebook profile, we asked you which of the presented characters should appear in the upcoming season of the Suits. Thank you very much for all votes and any suggestions, thanks to them we have Final 5.

We've given you 10 characters to choose from. Some of them have already appeared in the canceled campaign, while the rest are brand new faces. This is what the result of the vote looks like. The stakes are very even, especially in the case of the first two places. The final 5: Scientist, CEO, Architect, Agent X, Doctor.

1. Scientist - 25 votes
2. CEO - 24 votes
3. Architect - 21 votes
4. Agent X - 18 votes
5. Doctor - 16 votes
6. Librarian - 15 votes
7. Politician - 15 votes
8. Accountant - 10 votes
9. Hairdresser - 8 votes
10. Singer - 2 votes
Characters that don't get into the box have a chance to appear in the game thanks to Stretch Goals in the upcoming reboot of our Kickstarter campaign.


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The Suits season 2

The Suits season 3