the Suits: Cthulhu soon on KS

We proudly announce that within 3 weeks we are starting a brand new campaign on Kickstarter. This time the goal is to fund the Suits: Cthulhu. But this time we have a surprise for you. This season will be different because we added something new and fresh. Something you asked for many times.

The Suits: Cthulhu will be different. In the box you will find two manuals. One for the basic game - exactly the same as in the previous seasons. And the second one for cooperative play, which allows you to play with up to 4 players. There will be three new characters that can be mixed with characters from previous seasons. Additionally the box contains the Cultist deck, Cthulhu deck and The Elder Sign deck. Those extra decks allow you to team up with your friends against the Cultists and Cthulhu himself. To beat the Ancient One and his followers you will have to create a team of three characters. Of course you can use any old and new memebers of the club.

The Suits season 1

The Suits season 2

The Suits season 3