The Suits season 3

  Medieval knights clashed to prove their bravery, courage and to impress rich and (sometimes) beautiful women. The Middle Ages are a relict of the past, but men are still men afterall and they still want to prove their superiority. So, what is the most reliable and effective way to distinguish a nobleman from a peasant? Oh yes! Duel! Instead of wearing full plate armor they wear equally charming elegant suits. Instead of fighting on the tournament arena, they meet in the underground of secret club called The Suits. Join this elite society and fight for your prestige and ....................*

*) Enter your deepest and darkest desire that you want to fight for (or die for, but it wasn't in the agreement)

And remember that the first and last rule of The Suits Club is - you do not talk about The Suits Club.

Each player controls one of five available characters. Each character has his own unique deck of cards. By using your wits, tactics, strategies and of course, a little bit of luck you can show your enemies who is the real gentleman. The Suits is a fast-paced, two-person card game steaming with atmosphere and tactical depth.

Box content: 5 gentleman decks (22 cards each), 2 aid cards, manual.




Heroes of the third season.