Relaunch of Ladies

The second attempy. Today we are restarting our Kickstarter campaign. As before, the goal is to fund the fourth season of the Suits: Ladies. This season will feature female characters for the first time. We hope that you will like them.

the Suits on posters

 We perfectly know how much you like the art style from the Suits. Minimalistic style and very counter-layer colors is the key. And we decided to create posters with characters from the game. We hope that you will like taht kind of game promotion.

Our KS campaign cancelled

 Unfortunately, we are very sad to inform you about the suspension of the ongoing campaign on Kickstarter. The reason is very simple, too few backers for the project to be successful. That's why we decided to cancel the campaign.

New characters in the Suits

A few days ago, on our Facebook profile, we asked you which of the presented characters should appear in the upcoming season of the Suits. Thank you very much for all votes and any suggestions, thanks to them we have Final 5.

Playing cards the Suits

Our Kickstarter action continues. We want to inform you about a new add-on that you can buy thanks to the campaign. It is a traditional deck of cards (55 cards) with characters known and liked from our game the Suits. 

The Suits season 1

The Suits season 2

The Suits season 3