the Suits: Ladies on Kickstarter

We are pleased to announce the launch of our project on Kickstarter. The aim of the campaign is to fund the fourth season of the Suits: Ladies. We hope that thanks to your support, female characters will hit your tables soon. Thanks to which the game will take on a blush and increase replayability even more.

The campaign was planned for 21 days. We are going to collect 5000 euro necessary to release the game. Additionally, we have prepared a few surprises for all supporters. First, just for the backers, we've prepared a special Singer deck. This deck will not be available for regular sale. In addition, Stretch Goals to unlock during the campaign, i.e. new character decks. We hope that their number will increase during funding. There were also add-ons in the form of previous seasons of the Suits. Among the accessories there are also card sleeves matching the Suits format. As you know, during the game, the cards are shuffled very often, and thanks to the card sleeves the life of the cards will increase significantly.

So there is nothing left for us to do but encourage you to support our project!


The Suits season 1

The Suits season 2

The Suits season 3