In progress

All the time we are working on the news titles. They are all on different stage of production. Some of them are just at the concept level, and some are almost finalized. Our testing group is working really hard (which we thank from the bottom of our hearts for the help). Below we show you the titles that soon you will be able to see on the market.


the Suits Ladies

Another instalment of 'The Suits'. A lot of players kept telling us that it would be nice if we would impement a new character that is a female. To meet your expectaions and go a step ahead we decided that on the new version of the game, all of the characters will be female only so the new 'The Suits Ladies' will contain five new, unconvencional Lady characters, who unashamedly and without embarrassment will be able to take on all of the gentelmen from previous seasons.

Just like other versions of the game, 'The Suits Ladies' will be a stand alone game that will be able to mix with past seasons.


Estimated release: 2021